Why no Interface Skinning?

Hey Roon
Winamp did it 25 years ago…

I understand you cannot/don’t want to design an interface for each use case.
I have the solution- allow skinning so people who can/want will design skins for Roon. They could even sell them for all I care, I’m sure I would buy some.

I mean this is ridiculous, I can’t even read who the hell is playing from my regular TV viewing spot and this is a 47inch TV, not huge but not exactly tiny.

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Have been asking this for years now. Your picture says it all. It is a very normal situation where it should be readable from normal tv viewing distance. No, it dosn’t have to be as big as movie subtitles because it is not dynamic in nature and on a fixed background, but the combination of colour and fonts is not very good here. What’s the use of a now playing screen on your TV if you can’t read the artist name from three meter distance. Isn’t that what this display was supposed to be all about? Also the now playing screen in the desktop/laptop application itself should have two modes, a nearby active use mode and a info display mode.

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I think this is new in 1.8 - the album cover, well, covering the text. I don’t remember this in 1.7. Feels like no one reviews these things

Well, that is what it looks like for me when maximized. My guess is you have the scaling set greater than 100% on that PC.

I’ll have to check… but in a way that’s even worse. can you read that text from your sofa 4 meters away?

Like many I use a tablet for Roon so reading stuff is just fine. I’d certainly not have a TV between the speakers but if I did I’d make sure it was level! :yum:

my sofa is tilted in the opposite direction so overall it’s leveled up :wink: