Why no LinQ Roon Readiness?

If you think there are commercial interests, you are wrong. We do not charge anything for this certification at all, and doing the work is not easy. We invest quite a bit of time and money into these certifications and ask for no fees at all. The goal is to improve the Roon experience for our users.


Out of interest:

Would it be a solution to sell the LinQ Roon Version with only one module and state in the manual that it will loose Roon Ready status when a second module is used? Could they certify with just one module then?

I have no interest switching modules - I’m just looking for Highend streaming and was looking towards LinQ to match the look of my Aqua La Scala.

Best Robert

I hope so, but IMHO, aqua acoustics is an Italian brand that made high level Digital Analogue Converters, and his quality level is well recognized by a lot of international press and off course happy custormes world wide, sincerly I think that LinQ reach easily the Roon Ready quality standard also if your equipment isn’t fully complay with yours guide line or roules.
Let me stupidly think that his success make some losses to other company in the “family” and create “obstacles” in this crucial market for the audio high end could be a strument to get back market share.

But I don’t like create polemics, I will stop here. Thansk for your attention.

I really hope that roon and aqua acustics reconsider the possibility to continue to work together in the next future.

Roon isn’t the entity that does not want to work together. Aqua Acoustics is the one that does not wish to play by what appear to be reasonable rules.

Yes, solution could be easy… for me…

I’m writing a comment like Roon Life subscriber, happy to listen music with roon since 3 years and enjoy his quality and user brilliant user interface, but this changes is for me a sort of abuse of dominant position, also in a very particular period of life and the global economy.

In this time asking to roon “partner” to invest more resources to maintain the certification I don’t think will be good for the final users to be forced to reduce the possibility of choice in the market and also to reduce the numbers of firmware update of devices.

Effort is exactly what is required to make good products. Check the other LinQ thread for examples of what type of wins that effort gains you, and see the love that other users have for devices that do what we enforce features.

And remember, no one is forcing Aqua to do anything. They don’t have to distribute our code. But if they do, they must adhere to our rules and standards.


I really don’t understand all the angst about this. The world runs on standards. Some enforced by international bodies, some by national governments, some by industry groups, and some by specific companies who manage an ecosystem like Apple, Sony (SACD), and Roon. These standards are generally there for the protection, safety, and convenience of consumers. Without them, any purchase would risky for the consumer. I2S is a perfect example. Buy any two i2S devices from different manufacturers and there is a good chance they either won’t work at all together or you will have to experiment with various configuration settings to get them to work. This is because there is no one setting an interface standard for i2S. Roon has given us an interoperability standard that we can trust so when we buy products from different vendors we have confidence they will work together in a consistent way and, if there are differences or limitations (e.g., Chromecast), they are clearly spelled out. IMHO this is a very good thing and any manufacturer that doesn’t want to play is free to go their own path.


Never? Really? This cries out for verification. Could we get one of those fact-checking groups to look at it? Snopes.com, perhaps?

And what does it mean when a digital interface behaves so utterly dependently? Is that really a good thing? Inquiring minds want to know! Is “utterly dependently” different from just “dependently”?

Who writes these reviews?

For the record, I linked to that but I didn’t say it! :joy:
And for the record I think this is a missed opportunity for LinQ. With no Roon they clearly aren’t that serious.


A device cant get Chromecast or Airplay certifeid without following the rules laid out by Google or Apple. Why should Roon play differnet and let manufacturers release code that is unfinished and unapproved. It went on log enough unchecked and It undermines the product on such devices, You only need to look at all the woes its caused customers on Bluesound devices that where uncertifeid. If you want the best from Roon and you audio kit then use a certified product simple. To me if they dont want to play ball with Roon its their choice.


Let me ask you, could be possible certify and support the LinQ with only the Roon Ready endpoit module and explane in the User Manual that only in this way you can get support from Roon Labs in case of issues?

Only because you don’t understand the situation. Roon has a set of standards that a “Roon Ready” product must meet. Aqua Acoustics did not want to meet those standards yet distributed product with Roon software anyway. That is not right. Aqua Acoustics is the “bad” party here, not Roon.


But why LinQ with only the roon ready module can’t be certificate and supported? Did you get the real technical problem for the certification? I think we don’t know everything about this story…

Again: would it be possible to just certify the device with the Roon module?

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@danny already explained that…you just don’t want to hear it…

Not true. Danny explained the problem using 2 modules

Yes, @danny explained that since the unit can use multiple modules it needs to work right with multiple modules installed. It doesn’t so Roon would not certify it.

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Therefore the question: What if they release a „Roon version“ with only one module and the disclaimer: do not install modules.

The flexibility and upgradeability has been one of the key ideas from Aqua for the LinQ. But that seems to make it quite complex for the certification process.

Get real…