Why no negative focus for hidden or duplicate?

It puzzles me why so many focus options don’t have the ability to invert them. I want to focus on all albums in my library that are from Tidal that are not duplicate either in my local library or in Qobuz. Should be a simple task but I can’t work out how. I want this so I can see what I need to purchase before I decide to cull the service.

Or I may want to check in Qobuz that’s not a duplicate or hidden that I added over a certain period and played it in last 6 months. To determine if I should buy it or not.

Any ideas ?

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A workaround: if you can only focus on something but not on the inverted… focus on it, select all and add this selection to a new tag.
Then focus on this tag and invert.
It’s a workaround, because it will not apply to new albums.


That works, thanks for the input will be useful. You do also then have to add all other storage paths and invert them for it to show albums that are not dupes. Not elegant but it does it for this moment in time.

In addition to Duplicate et al. not being possible to invert, it’s super weird how it simply disappears when you click it (and not its X button) in an attempt to invert it

done what i needed to do now so bye bye tidal again. That 9.99 is one more album purchase a month.


Just need away of highlighting all those unavialble albums in Qobuz now. I know i have loads that will have changed but can you easily find them god no!! I dont think I am going to bother adding albums for streaming any more it just makes Roon break and causes hassle to maintain when they get changed or removed.

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