Why no second Ethernet port on Nucleus or Nucleus+?

Why is there no second Ethernet port on the Nucleus or Nucleus+ for the purpose of a direct Ethernet connection to a stand-alone endpoint such as the Metrum Ambre or other?

I think that would simply be an internal switch. Just purchase a switch.

You can use a USB to Ethernet addapter.

Understood, but the point would be to get away from USB. It seems to be the only thing missing from this unit and easy for them to rectify.

Get a switch.

I have a switch, thanks. I am curious about the design decision to not install a second Ethernet port and whether they would consider that. I would prefer not to go through the USB circuitry.

I use ethernet from my Nucleus to Oppo 203 as well as HDMI. I don’t use USB. I have a switch at my router and another switch at my Nucleus and Oppo. I assume the ethernet signal passes through the router but that makes no difference.

I don’t know, but I would assume Roon does not add a second ethernet port because it would add cost and do nothing.

We don’t believe it improves anything.


hardware choices is one reason and no doubt the need to add another lot of activities to the bare bones code base is another to route data or provide DHCP services etc

get a MoBO with 2 ports and run linux if you need such implementation…its not a mainstream thing

if you worry so much maybe try an etheREGEN from Uptone

That is a shame. I guess my old feature request for ROCK fell at the very first hurdle then, on the basis of ‘belief’! :wink:

Ok, maybe I have not understood correctly but I think I have it now, so let me try again.
What I believe you are saying is that I can run my direct Ethernet cable from my router to a switch located near the Nucleus (which I already have - the Silent Angel Bonn N8) and then a shorter Ethernet cable from the Bonn switch to the Nucleus as well as a short Ethernet cable from the Bonn switch to my Endpoint, and that there is no sonic advantage of having a direct Ethernet output from the Nucleus to my endpoint - correct this time?


That is correct. That’s what many of us do.

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Exactly how we all do it

Thank you Jim_F, danny, and the man behind the curtain for your patience and help.

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