Why no Server on iOS?

I’m new to Roon (but also a S/W engineer) and have wondered… if all Roon Server is doing is marshaling (file) streams from A to B why isn’t there an iOS (or Android) varient so I can use one of my “always on” devices as the hub? (granted the remote would have to look to localhost and such but…).

A couple things come to mind.

  1. Power, sure the newer devices could probably handle basic Roon functions but wouldn’t be able to do much DSPing.
  2. IOS isn’t a truly multitasking OS. The app would have to be left open and the screen on for Roon to perform it’s routine background tasks. Basically iOS isn’t designed to do Roon Core properly or at least without a bunch of custom/unique work arounds.

Hey Jeff, Roon does a fair bit more than you suggest. And to do all that it is capable of requires a device with a little bit of grunt. You can get it on to x86 powered servers if they have enough RAM and that would be the easiest way of doing what you want.