Why no upsampling options on the mobile app?

I’ve noticed that the mobile Roon app doesn’t have any upsampling settings available, only Upsampling on / off so every time I want to change any upsampling option for my DAC, I have to log onto Roon on a Mac OS / Windows computer. Why is this? I use my phone / tablet to control either a SoTM-200 or a Macbook Pro streaming through USB to an external DAC.

If you have an iPad, you could use that as it has those features.

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What about the other apps, no plans to add it?

No the screen size is limiting in how it can be displayed. On mobile you have access to DSP presets. So you create these on pc or tablet save them then you use those on mobile app. I have several I use to switch to use quite easily. But on the go changes you need to use the tablet or pc app.

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