Why not just an app?

I like Roon, I like the structure and all the functions.
What I absolutely do not like is the required server.
My library can be on the iPad, or on USB storage or any drives. I do not want a server.
Meanwhile, most of the music is Tidal, only here and there I have “special” on a USB stick.
Is there no way to just use Roon as an app version?
I just want to use my Node2, nothing more.

Hi Martin,

A server running a Core is currently necessary in order to run Roon. You might like to consider whether a NUC running ROCK is an option that might suit you. You can find out more about that here.

Hi Andrew!
RoonServer is running on my iMac
The Node2 is Roon Ready
As far as all conditions are met.
But I do not like my iMac serving as a server just to process the music from Tidal.
I just do not need that. That’s awkward.
That’s why the idea. Why is not Roon just an app? The structure, the layout, the surface, etc. are really great.
The app of Bluesound (BluOS) does not have the great feature set, but I like it better because I do not need an extra server.
The DSP features are quite ok, but I do not necessarily need synonymous.
An App version of Roon (for example, “Roon Lite”) I would definitely buy in the AppStore, but not the full version with server.
Maybe Roon is thinking about my idea.

+1 for me on that. I would dearly love an app to run on my Android DAP, which can hold upto 850gb of music or thereabouts, can also stream Tidal, etc. .

It’s become my only device which I use away from my PC and the “Roon experience” is sorely missed.

If all you want is Tidal then just use the tidal app. Roon is much more than just a streaming app but if that is all you want Roon is not for you.


One day, perhaps, the heavy lifting might be done in the Cloud. But that day is not today and my guess would be not for some years.