Why not Qobuz...?

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I recently signed up for Roon and noticed that the only streaming service availble is TIDAL. Tidal may suit some users, especially those interested in modern Music (e.g. Rap etc.) but as Tidal has a VERY limited catalogue of Classic Music, I strongly suggest that RoonLabs would add Qobus streaming to its, otherwise, excellent application.

Read more about Qobuz here: http://www.qobuz.com/nl-nl/discover

I hope that there are more users that would like to see the Qobuz streaming service for serious Music lovers included un Roon.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you.



Qobuz does not want to partner with Roon… there are many threads here about this.

I resubscribe at this moment if they partner with ROON.
Their App is a bad joke.
And they try it to compare with Roon.
Bad idea!

A small search, and you will be rewarded with endless discussion, feedback from the Roon team, and clear reasoning why it hasn’t happened.

Many of us want it, but its not going to happen. The more important question now is, ‘will there be any alternatives to Tidal in the future?’

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I keep Roon with or without Tidal.
I subscribed to Tidal (again) because of MQA.
We see where that goes.
Qobuz has nothing to offer to me atm.
They will vanish without marketing.

Over time, there has been a lot of discussion over Qobuz. Most info is here:

That thread however ended with this:

and this:

I’ll close this thread now, as there’s really nothing new to discuss.

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