Why NUC9 series are not yet supported for ROCK

I am curious to know reason why NUC9 series are not supported NUCs yet. Are there any plans to include this series or are there any difficulties to install ROCK in this series.

The NUC family is split in two… the general purpose machines and the gaming machines, which are not as reliable when run 24/7.

The NUC9 series were all gaming machines, so we never bothered. Not will we.

NUC10ixFN is, and NUC11ixTN will be soon.

Thank you Danny. That’s really helpful information. I may need to rethink installing different OS for NUC9VXQNX or use it different purpose.

Did you try installing rock on it? It may work

Ok. I will try this weekend and see. Thanks

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