Why production credits among "credited"

I wonder why sometimes some production credists are listed not only in the production section, but also in the “credited on” section. For example here:

there is this T.S.Monk

who is not a performer but a producer:

something similar happens in classical music with composers. for example:

why should Bach be “credited on”

and not appear (as usually happens) in a separate “composers” section?
this is particularly annoying in compilations (or boxsets) with many composers mixed up with performers. for example:

with… this mess:

where Argerich, who is the album main artist, appears just at the end…


I see this sometimes too and from the cases where it happens I concluded that there is some weighting algorithm that decides to pull particularly notable (by some measure) contributors up into the main section.

Similarly, Universal Music being a “Current Distributor” causes it to appear among the musician credits. Here, on Tom Browne’s Browne Sugar.