Why Roon upsample 44.1khz to 48khz even when dac supports 44.1khz

Roon Server Machine

PC I7 9700f 32gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Doesn’t matter.

Connected Audio Devices

Apple USB C Dongle jack 3.5mm connected to Raspberry Pi4 with moode system.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue


Why Roon upsamples every 44.1khz track to 48khz even when Apple dongle supports 44.1khz @ 16bit? I don’t have this issue with other dac Ifi zen dac.

Because your using system audio on the pc not exclusive mode. This will play at the rate the system pc is set at. Same for any application that doesn’t use exclusive mode.

Also this dongle is for Apple phones and tablets which operate at that mode. Show a screen grab of the signal path of what you’re playing. This dongle I believe is for iPhones and iPads that all have a system output of 48/24 so this is likely built in and how it represents itself. Roon will only output what the system says the dac supports. I think this has come up before on Ropieee as well.


Dac is connected to roon bridge on raspberry pi, not to windows pc.

On android with Usb audio player pro dac correctly changes sample rate to 44.1khz.

Roon is doing what the os tells it the dac supports. On Linux which the pi is running Alsa which manages audio only sees it as 48k which is what iPhones and iPads run. It may well work on other os but not Linux or iOS. Talk to Apple it’s their hardware not a Roon problem.


I has plan to use it with old home theater system to have it turned on 24/7 and that’s why i bought that cheap dac because it won’t last long anyway when connected 24/7.

Which other cheap dac would you recommend to work with moode and roon to 20$? My main listening system is Hd600+Ifi zen dac and i like how zen dac sounds but i have it in different room.

FiiO KA2 will be fine


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