Why Signal Path is Enhanced when DSP is disabled?

Lately noticed the bright blue light which indicates signal path is enhanced but I didn’t enable any DSP, checked setting and all is default setting.

My ROCK is Version 1.0 (build 158) stable, everything is updated.

Anyone knows why is this happening?

Hey Raymond, check what happens if you disable crossfade?

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His second screen shot says all DSP is disabled…whereas the first one shows crossfade in use…strange.

The 2nd one has crossfeed disabled, not crossfade.

Volume levelling and crossfade are both forms of DSP.

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Ack…my old eyes and a small screen…:confounded:

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Ha don’t worry, your question had me double and triple checking myself.

Kept me on my toes :grin:

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Wala, set it to zero and all back to normal!

Wonder why it happened though as crossfade setting is inside the Zone setting but I have never even gone in there to change anything.

Anyway thanks a lot for the tip !

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