Why So Many Artists Are Missing?

While the album side of Roon is fantastic, I find almost 1/3 of the artists are missing from the artist side. Anyone else experience this much metadata missing?

Nope. Are your albums identified or unidentified? If unidentified, are the artists populated in tags?

Well, Fritz could be referring to the fact that about 1/3 of the artists in my collection, for example, have no photo, even when the artist is clearly identified, and there’s a bio present. Since I normally browse my collection by album, it’s a minor irritation, but I can understand that it would be much greater for some.

You can add Album and Artist art as you go. You can find some great pictures too. Really personalise the look. I use my own photos of Artsts I have seen. F the picture dimensions are right they look great full banner.

Chris, yes, I realise that I can add my own - it’s just with several hundred to do, it’s faffing about that I would have preferred not to have to do…