Why so many duplicate albums

Roon Core Machine

Sonic Transport I5 running on latest Linux of Roon

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys MX5 Router. Ethernet to Trendnet TEG S51SFP Switch. Optical out to OpticalRendu.

Connected Audio Devices

Aesthetix Romulus USB from Rendu

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

With “show hidden tracks and albums” set to YES, the “My Album” menu shows 8248 albums and so many albums are duplicated. However with “show hidden tracks and albums” set to NO, the “My Album” menu shows only 3699 albums and very few are duplicated. Looking at the screen shots attached, I am positive I did not upload all these albums but one time. I do have some albums that are duplicated because they are the same album in different formats (flac, dsd, etc). Also attached is a screen shot of a directory tree showing only 1 of many of the albums that show duplicated.
Why are all these duplicates showing and how do I fix this? Thank you. Sigmon

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Well, you have to do investigation. I would also suggest you post your Settings Storage for a reference.
Set Show albums to Yes, and pick one album to investigate. I’ll suggest Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

Go to the first album, and the first track, click the 3 dot menu on the side and click View File Info. At the top there is an option to Copy File Path to Clipboard. Click it, then open up Notepad and paste it in. Hit Enter in Notepad to get to the next line, and Format turn off Word Wrap.

Then, go the second Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and do the same. Copy the first track’s file path to the same notebook.

Now you have both File Paths to review (you can also post them here if you don’t see anything obvious). My first guess is you have two storage locations in Roon pointing to the same files.

Alternatively, go to the album page for any of the duplicates and see what appears in the Versions tab. As you can see, from my screen grab below, but copies of Liberation have a different file path, but YMMV. Check out a few of your duplicates using the Versions tab and post some screen shots.

This is what I thought aswell.
Check: settings=>storage.

Thank you to all for the information. I do see 2 different folders in the storage settings. I also can see the different versions and how they are duplicated. So you all have explained what is wrong! Thanks. I am attaching screen shots. Under the “Music Folder” options, I have Force rescan, Disable and edit. Under the “music” folder options, I have Force rescan, Disable, Edit and Remove. The path for the “music” folder (\SONICTRANSPORT\storage\music) is how the path is shown in the network folder tree. There is no folder with the name “Music Folder”.
I can only disable the “Music Folder”, but can disable OR remove the “music” folder.
Which option do I use to remove the duplicates?

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Just disable it and it should all sort itself out very quickly.

Thank you, but which folder should I disable and wouldn’t it be better to remove?

I don’t think it should make any difference but myself I would disable the one on the sonic transport.
Disable is all you need then if for any reason in the future you need it all you need do is enable rather than have to create a whole new path again.
But that’s up to you, disable or remove.
Either will work.

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Thank you.

Did it work out?
Duplicate albums gone?

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Yes. Sorry I forgot to add that. Yes. All duplicates gone now. I disabled.


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