Why spend the extra money for a Nucleus rather than a less expensive desktop computer?

If the SQ is better on Roon Nucleus compared to my sIlent NAS from QNAP, than I would think about buying on.

Maybe I am being thick but how can 2 Bit Perfect streams across Ethernet sound different if they are both Bit Perfect and by definition identical. It implies one or the other or both are not Bit Perfect.

He Ducks :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


The proviso must also be stated here about Library size and potential Library Size.

Under-speccing a PC can happen depending upon what else is running on the PC as well as Roon Server

Yep, and System76 POP_OS which I use. I hadn’t. Roon hung Monday afternoon. Apparently, POP_OS wanted the end of support notification acknowledged. I did. I upgraded to the new LTS and enabled auto update.

Auto-update can be heavyweight. Waiting for the manual restart.

Or get a NUC for $200 and install ROCK (free), add some storage (1TB=$200) and you have a Nucleus. $400 vs $2k or more.

I had a Nucleus for quite a while, until my Apple AirPort Extreme wireless LAN had a hardware failure. The Nucleus did not play nice with my eero mesh system, but a used MacMini (legacy) stripped down played just as sweet as – and has a benefit or two not offered by – the Nucleus. I think I payed $325. When it craters, I will look at the latest new Mini, hopefully a M8 :grinning:.

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What? The Nucleus has an off button?

I’ve heard that the Eero and Eero Pro don’t play nice.

FWIW, my Netgear Orbi RBK753 system has always worked transparently with Roon. It just works, as they say. No fiddling needed.

Collin: I have used the eero system without any problem for more than a year. I position one of the eero 5 nodes next to my MacMini and run a short cat 6 cable from the node to the Mini making the core actually wired. My core works flawlessly, sending my library via USB to two local DACs, streaming to one Roon Bridge endpoint and a Sonos endpoint. I will be upgrading to eero 6+ when the nodes go on sale again :grinning:. The 5s power more than 20 devices in my home with wi-fi. Five 4K TVs, four tablets, my desktop MAC, VOIP, etc. without any hiccups so far.

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Sorry but i can’t avoid to say fanless solution for the Nucleus aren’t necessarily expensive

Mine is a Fujitsu esprimo q920 with a SDD hardrive. Zero noise, less than 250 eur all-in.

I think it’s a matter of wanting to let people know that there are much simpler and economic solutions (like an old PC just sitting around) that will give equal performance results. Most folks want to be smart with their money and resources. Some of course just want to buy what they want to buy but that’s not exactly a sustainable approach to life.

Depending on what you want and what you can afford… The two can be in balance

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You can rent those extra houses and make money.

The point is, don’t worry if someone here wants to buy a Nucleus. Not every purchase is based on saving money.


If we’re still talking Nucleuses then no. If we’re now talking 2nd (or 3rd) homes then I’ll ask the many families around where I live (Devon, UK) that can’t afford to buy property because other people’s “choices” are pricing them out of the housing market. Housing needs are very different from small computers, even when the computers are housed in a nice case.


I give up. I bought a Nucleus from Roon Labs over 3 years ago for $1119 because that’s what I wanted. I was not looking for the cheapest alternative.


My Roon Core runs on my 2017 MacBook Air. And my local library is stored on an attached USB 3.0 hard drive.

It is not a fan less system. But I have never heard the fan kick in and the Air stays almost cold to the touch.

My Air serves 4 endpoints in my apartment. My iFi Zen DAC V2 which is connected to my MacBook Pro. And 3 AirPlay endpoints. WiiM Mini streamer in the living room. And in the kitchen and the bedroom I have placed a Harman Kardon Citation One speaker.

As remotes I’m using my iPhone SE and my old Nokia 7.2 Android phone.

Personally I don’t see a reason why I would want to get myself a Nucleus.

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This was me. Literally. I’m not averse to paying my way out of any problem or to any solution. Not being particularly technical, I always felt that the Nucleus was designed for me. But when I realized I could assemble a NUC for literally 1/3 the cost, I just had to give it a shot. It was shockingly easy.

For people who have no concerns about money, I still say buy the Nucleus. But if money is an issue, don’t even think about it: get a NUC.

Or just a nice silent NUC/ROCK like this: