Why the 10,000 minimum on port number?

Description of Issue -

There are situations where firewalls block all non-standard ports.

My usual solution would be to use one of the mail ports or other common ones that I don’t use on my home internet, but I can’t do that with Roon Arc.

This may seem like an edge case, but firewalls continue to get tighter every year.

I don’t know but I think you have answered your own question ‘to avoid all the common ones’. Port forwarding is the solution used by Roon.

That option should be left up to the users. At least have an advanced option to turn of the limiter.

I suspect that the limit was placed there in order to reduce clashes with existing applications (over which Roon have no control or knowledge of for 250,000+ users) and hence reduce the support requirement impact.


I know the ask was why 10k, but there are some valid reasons why there are limits.

Priviliged ports

The TCP/IP port numbers below 1024 are special in that normal users are not allowed to run servers on them. This is a security feaure, in that if you connect to a service on one of these ports you can be fairly sure that you have the real thing, and not a fake which some hacker has put up for you.

The normal port number for W3 servers is port 80. This number has been assigned to WWW by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, IANA.

When you run a server as a test from a non-priviliged account, you will normally test it on other ports, such as 2784, 5000, 8001 or 8080.

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I understand this, but there is a reason that Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify either ONLY use ports 80 and 443 for streaming, or at least have it as a fallback. I can stream ANY of them from work, but not my own music collection. Corporate firewalls nowadays block most ports and everything 10000 and above.

Not even having an option to use any of the lower ports is problematic.

Hi @Troy_Gillette,

Roon ARC was not designed to have an on-the-go yet using corporate Wi-FI architecture. In all cases be it at work or home, there are limitations on networks that may present challenges to any and all users. It was our intention to ensure this worked for the masses.

It would be stating the obvious to say that turning off Wi-Fi should serve as a workaround. I wish I had other suggestions though.

Changes to how ARC connects may be looked at in the future but for now, the aforementioned port range is what we can accommodate. We do have a thread for feedback that company management takes into consideration when releasing new builds. Release notes for new builds can be found here.

Since this topic falls under that category and has no actionable support items I will close this thread.


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