Why the performance difference between PC and Android remote apps

I am just curious what people think is the main reason why there is a (minor) difference in performance between Roon remote on a PC versus Android device. I am referring to the time it takes to load albums and refresh the interface. On my modest laptop (dual core i3-5010u), album loading is instantaneous while on my tablet and phone I see the loading album screen for 1-2 seconds. I like to believe my Android devices are pretty powerful (Samsung Note3, Dell 7840 tablet) so seeing the lag in just refreshing the interface is surprising. Is the difference down to purely computing power or memory or OS or wireless capabilities or difference in software design between platforms or ??? I ask because I may be willing to upgrade my devices in the future if it means I can get rid of the lag.

I can’t say I notice any meaningful difference between the Roon client running on OS X (iMac, Gigabit Ethernet), IOS (iPad Mini2, WiFi) and my Android phone (Gen2 MotoX, WiFi). I have Roon server running on a headless Mac Mini that is connected via Gigabit Ethernet. The only time I really notice a slow down is when I VPN to my home network from my MacBook Air and open the Roon client… but that is to be expected with an overtaxed Internet connection at work and an asynchronous cable modem connection at home.

Well, if your Laptop is running wired and your Android is running WiFi, then I’d take a look at your WiFi setup. The Note 3 is a bit old in the tooth and there is a discernible lag between it and the Note 4 I’m running.

Actually, all my devices are wireless. But think you are probably right…the speed off the wifi chip in my Android devices is probably the culprit.