Why two separate apps?

I’m sure this has been answered but I couldn’t get anything to come up in search. Why two separate apps for Roon and Arc? Why not just integrate Arc functionality in Roon and make it a option. I think it’s a little annoying to have two apps that pretty much do the same thing (besides the remote streaming) and have different UIs. Doesn’t feel very streamlined.

There is a long thread in the early access group on this topic, but I think it’s locked if you’re not enrolled in that group.

I can’t speak for Roon, but I believe Roon needed to create two apps due to the specific functional requirements of remote access in the ARC app vs. all LAN/local playing in the mobile Remote app. I also believe these apps will be combined at some time in the future, but schedule and how are TBD.

You could also listen to the Darko Podcast with Enno. I believe he gives a brief but good enough reason why there’s 2 apps.

Also, welcone to the community!

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I think the spirit of the thing is "it is currently two apps, and made a lot of sense to launch as two separate apps, but that does not make it always so, as with all things software. There are a lot of very strong and visceral opinions on both sides in the “hyper dedicated user community on the forums” so without getting into the actual arguments, I think it’s not as clear cut as I had originally thought (I was the one who started the “they should and inevitably will converge” thread, but I am no longer positive that’s right).

I personally (having read the Arc faq) think that Arc will replace the Roon app at some point. The technology used behind the Arc app uses native device functions (animations, buttons etc.) which the current app seems not to be capable of.

I think they released Arc to hand out the Roon on the go feature to have another selling point and fulfill customer wishes as a first step.
It makes no sense to develop 2 apps side by side full time in my opinion that do the same thing. At some point Roon will phase out but still be supported with bug fixes (like legacy 1.8 now) for some years until complete phase out I think.

I think Arc is a beauty and I can’t wait to stream to my Amp from it if that is what they have in mind. Roon can never feel native on mobile devices with the development technology that is used.
Arc already uses the RAAT protocol so from my point of view “only” the output selector is missing.

I keep my fingers crossed for this.

Yes, I think ARC is the nose of the camel in the tent, foreshadowing a change in implementation technology. I suspect if it works out for Roon, the other iOS and Android remotes will also be re-implemented with Dart/Flutter. Perhaps as part of the ARC app. May also replace the platform UI programs for Windows and MacOS, as well. We could even hope for Linux support!

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