Why upgrade to Nucleus from my ROCK?

What advantages are there to upgrading to a Nucleus or Nucleus + over my existing i7, NUC with 8G of RAM? My WAV music collection is on a NAS.
I read various articles on the forum on the ROCK and Nucleus platforms but I didn’t see anything to suggest the dedicated Nucleus appliances being better.

I doubt that there are any distinct advantages. The choice between going a DIY route (building a Roon appliance) or buying the turnkey package from a dealer is down to individual preference, it seems to me.

Nowt really. You get a very nice custom case and some home automation stuff but your NuC does pretty much the same thing.

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I think the only additional features would be some home automation capability and the fanless case.

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I put my ROCK in a fanless case. I see no reason to upgrade to the Nucleus, unless it’s automation capabilities are really important. Otherwise, their capabilities are the same.

Thank you all for your comments. They’re helpful.