Why was this post flagged?

Why did somebody flag this reasonable, sensible and neutral post?


The relevant post was flagged and hidden as inappropriate for trolling after mods received a PM from a user.

Trolling is intentionally upsetting people to provoke a reaction. It is sometimes hidden beneath a veneer of humour. It can take the form of mocking a viewpoint or opinion by exaggeration. Trolling is uncivil conduct, does not add to a discussion and can derail a thread by the reactions it provokes.

Repeated trolling can result in warnings, suspension or ultimately banning.


Is that the post that was flagged or it’s no longer visible because it was flagged? I haven’t been online here for a number of days, so just checking. Thanks

I don’t see aa flagged post, other than this:
This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

View ignored content.

It was posted by thyname.

TL3 (Regular) users can click to view hidden posts. I’m not sure about lower TL. This is a transparency measure to ensure that posts aren’t not being inappropriately hidden. A topic, such as this, can be opened to discuss if so.

Edit: You should be able to see it by clicking the link in my post.

Anybody can click and view

Thanks Andy & @BrianW.

It must have been the post that I copied above here - there is no other by the author.

It’s not a big deal, I was only being a ‘busy body’ wondering what these dastardly words must have been to have been flagged.

Cheers fellas.

No. It is the post linked in my first comment. If you can’t see it, I’m not sure why.

Thanks Andy…I see it now, although it’s gone. I did initially click on your link. I wasn’t taken directly to that post.

As per my post above, it’s not a big deal & clearly the OP isn’t interested in engaging in this matter, even though he made the post.

All good. :smiley: