Why would you add a SSD to Nucleus? [answered: music on silent disk to create self contained server]

What is the advantage of adding a SSD to a Nucleus if it’s used as a core?

To hold the musicfiles?

The M.2 disk runs Roon OS and the added SSD can contain your music collection.

And an SSD is silent as compared to a HDD (i.e. no mechanical noise). That’s really the only factor differentiating between the two. The faster speed of SSD is irrelevant in the context of music storage. So if you want absolutely silent music storage in your Nucleus, you must pay extra for it (since SSD is more expensive than HDD at the moment).


And one more thing, a personal bias, nothing technical: I like simplicity. I like the Roon server to be a self contained thing, like an FM tuner, without dependency on the network or a NAS in some other room. It’s neat. A little box, no moving parts, a “solid block of silicon”, not a part of a distributed computer system.

Of course this is not real: Tidal is on the network, and the other rooms, and my iPad/headphone endpoint, and the iPad controller. And anyway, the network works perfectly well, as reliable as the other gear inside the house, and nearly so for Tidal.

It’s just an irrational indulgence.