Wi-Fi 7: a revolution also for Hi-Fi?


Leaving out the question “do ethernet cables affect sound?”, will this be the technology that will finally make these cables disappear from the audio chain? Will we have an audio connection qualitatively comparable to the ethernet one?


Good paper, thanks for sharing. 11be is all about better connectivity and higher throughput.

Even if you don’t read the whole thing, section IIA is worth looking at to understand the overall evolution of the WiFi standard. If you’ve never been involved in a standards process, it’s illuminating to see how things progress as the standard is eventually adopted and the deployment landscape changes.

I also found Table 1, the list of acronyms, kind of amusing. Warped mind, I guess. :slight_smile:

I’ve already done away with cables for audio. It really doesn’t require that much bandwidth. Almost all of my Roon endpoints are WiFi already.


But then, people will start streaming 64bit/1536kHz or DSD2048 super duper hi res and complain again.


Don’t worry… In the year 2500 someone will for sure be selling ‘audiophile grade’ antenna upgrades for Wi-Fi SuperMegaExtremeEleventy3bis Terabit routers. And hearing the difference on their hermetically preserved Denafrips Ares. Sure as night follows day.