Wi-Fi Endpoint Options - Advice?

Hi All: I am using Roon on a Mac Mini, through a PS Audio DirectStreamJr, which is connected by ethernet. That’s great for my main system, but my challenge is that I have ethernet in only one room - the rest of the house is accessible only by wi-fi (I live in the mountains, and the internet is not great anyway). Currently for other systems, I use AppleTV’s.

I would like to find a solution for expanding Roon into other existing systems, that does not involve AppleTV. I’d like to keep the cost reasonable (let’s say around 1k +/-) , and typically I have other DACs ready - all I need is the bridge. In other words, a wi-fi-friendly sonicorbiter would be ideal. I don’t want to build anything. (For example, one system I have includes a Hegel H300. I’d like a wi-fi bridge that feeds Roon into the Hegel’s DAC.)

Ideas? One thought I had was to use a wi-fi matrix endpoint (such as the Eero) which has an ethernet output - I could pick up Roon via wi-fi and output it via ethernet cable to an ethernet bridge such as a Microrendu. But what else is out there? I’d like a simpler solution if it exists.

Thanks in advance!

Are you saying you want the whole budget to be 1K? or you are willing to spend 1K per endpoint? If it is the whole budget then how many endpoints?

I would search the forums before deciding on a final product. You might find other people who have used with good or bad results the product you are interested in, ie. Eero for example.

While you don’t want to build anything, snapping together a Diet Pi or one of its ilk is not building things, imho. And if it works for you, the value/dollar can’t be beat.

Thanks. I’m suggesting a budget of $1k for a single bridge; e.g. an endpoint that will feed an existing DAC using wi-fi in a single instance. I’d rather pay less.

I have a similar need/want. I think your Eero -> microRendu solution is a good one, although I’d suggest having a look at the Linksys Velop as an alternative to the Eero. You could also add a basic switch (e.g., something like this) in between the mesh module and the mR to give yourself more flexibility in placement of the mesh module.

Daniel’s endpoint suggestion, though, will bring you in at a much lower cost, compared with the mR.

… and here’s another related suggestion from a different thread:

Shout out from another Hegel (H160) owner.
I have the SOtM sMS-200 (Roon ready streamer) connected to a Chord 2Qute DAC connected to the Hegel amp. The sMS-200 is equal to (arguably better) the microrendu. My current setup includes Linksys Velop two node wifi mesh system. One node in the office upstairs connected to Synology NAS running Roon server. The other node is placed in close proximity to my sMS-200 downstairs connected via ethernet. I’m getting bloody amazing results. I’ve also used Netgear Orbi nodes with similar success. The Eero or Google Wifi would give you same results. I’ve also had great results using an Airport Extreme (in same spot upstairs) and Airport Express (downstairs).
But… before I decided to buy into a mesh system I was using an Airport Extreme (in same spot in the office upstairs) and a wireless dongle attached to the sMS-200 (yes it has wireless capability) and never once has a drop-out. If I was in your shoes, I would not look further than the sMS-200 and an AC capable wifi dongle for $20. As long as you have a decent router, you should be in good shape. If you notice dropouts, then upgrade your router to a multi-node wifi setup

As I’ve understood your question,
you are looking for a wifi endpoint that you can connect to your DAC(s) in your room(s)?

What about using multiple Raspberry Pi-devices set up as a Roon Bridge, as @Rugby already mentioned?
They will definitely cost you much less then 1k, I assume something like 50 Bucks + some money for a case, power supply, and a SD card.

If you use some of them, you’ll have some money left:
Might want to check out this technique if you haven’t heard of, regarding your internet-setup:
Note that there are also other companies making these things.
I am using a pair of these adapters to connect my network devices, it is much more stable and faster than wifi

If you want a dedicated audio product, check out the Auralic Aries LE or Aries Min (edit: Aries mini not roon ready), thought they are costlier than the mentioned Raspberries

The Aries Mini is not Roon Ready, fyi.