Wi Fi Roon setup Sonic.build through NAS

I am stumbling my way through setting up Roon , which BTW is the future in true audiophile digital pleasure. But my Yamaha uses AirPlay so I got a Sonic.build backend hooked it to my receiver via coax and nothing as I have to use Wi Fi for now, how do I access Roon to configure Wi Fi?
I am excited to dig much Rooner. George

OK. There is nothing to do on Roon’s end to use WiFi. If a Roon Endpoint is attached to your WiFi network then Roon Will find it. However, on the Sonic.build’s website, there is a bit you have to do to get that working… link to their website


I am assuming that you have Roon installed an a computer and that you have a WiFi network. You should be able to go through the sonic.build setup and once working Roon should see it.

Thanks Rugby, I have read http://www.sonic.build/#!bitstream/vpyef sveral times but do not see how I setup Wii FI or network cunnection. The Sonic Bitstream is hooked up but I do not see it on the network.
The summary of how Roon ties it together does not help at this point https://roonlabs.com/howroonworks.html. Dean Clough has been in contact with trying to help me get the bitstream connected. However his information has not helped.
I have Roon on my PC, NAS operational on network via ethernet. I have Roon on my ipad as well.

Still stumbling, but trying-George

Hi George,

Your Sonic Bitstream (which is basically a Raspberry Pi running Roon Bridge) is a networked zone in the Roon topology (referring to the How Roon Works page you mention, it is an Audio output).

The Sonic Bitstream needs to be part of your network for Roon to see it as a zone. Is it at all possible the run a wired network connection to the Bitstream – even if temporary? Using a network cable, the Bitstream should automatically configure itself for your network and become visible in Roon.

In order to use Wifi, you will need to tell the Bitstream the name (SSID) and password of your Wifi – in case of the Bitstream following the guidelines on their website. As they appear to be running the full graphical interface on the Pi, you will need to hook it up to a screen (using HDMI) and keyboard & mouse (using USB) to do this.

Good luck – and keep us posted!

Hello George,

The part I was referring to I cut and pasted and entered below:

[quote]WiFi Connection

1. You will need an HDMI monitor or TV, and a USB keyboard and mouse.  Connect all three.

2. Connect power by using the included micro USB DC power supply
  1. Turn on your display and configure WiFi on your Sonic device by clicking the “Network” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. Connect to your DAC or other S/PDIF device using a quality coaxial or TOSLINK cable

  3. Using Roon on your PC or Mac, or Roon Remote on your iOS or Android device, configure your new Roon Endpoint. You’ll find it in the “Networked” section on the Audio tab of Settings, in Roon or Roon Remote.[/quote]

The first thing you need to do, according to the manufacturer, is BEFORE you connect the device to your audio system, you need to hook it up as though it were a PC with its own monitor, keyboard and mouse. Connect the power and turn on everything.

In the screen which comes up there should be a Network icon in the upper-right corner. Click that and follow the directions to setup the wifi on the sonic.build device. This includes as others have stated, entering the SSID for your Wifi network, providing the security passcodes, etc. Once the sonic.build is connected to your WiFi network you will see it in Roon.

Again to just emphasize, the issue is the setup of the sonic.build device. You might try calling the manufacturer for assistance as they can describe each step better. I have never seen the device or its setup screens so I cannot give better “to do” descriptions.

I hope this helps. And like @RBM suggested, if you can at all run a network cable to your sonic.build, you would bypass all of this and you would just see the device.

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I have ethernet to my NAS via a port extender which is full (5) as I have an audio rack and several components use ethernet. Should I get a unit with more ports? I would rather use ethernet than wi fi as suggested.

Roon application is on my Windows 10 PC and my iPad for playback in my main listening room. I apologize for my lack off understanding, George

I would strongly recommend using wired ethernet if at all possible. Can you ‘borrow’ one the cable currently used by other equipment just to try if you Bitstream works fine?

If so – replacing your unit with an 8 port ethernet switch is a cheap option to expand your connectivity.

If the Windows 10 PC is wired to the same network (and Wifi as well), your Roon system and iPad will be fine.

Roon is ruining via NAS and Sonic via Ethernet. I used a toslink connection. Thank you for the help and advice. I am pleased with both listening areas thus far. ( PC is NAD DAC )
Now that it hooked up I need to learn To use/configure Roon. Looking for a newbie tutorial. My go to playback in past media players is random songs. Thus far I am selecting albums. Excited !

Check out the knowledge base.


I have lost the NAS… Roon can not find it on the network and it is visible on PC. I downloaded FING and it says the NAS is wired in network with the same IP address …not sure what happened after all the great advice I received to establish the end point, confused.


Thank you to all who spent time helping me with Roon.

ROON is no longer a stand alone PC Core. I use the Sonic Build connected to my NAS via Ethernet in. living room with and iPad. The audio is amazing. I have 12k songs from WAV to Flac.

I have read Roon’s latest email post about certified ROON devices. My question is is a dedicated music streamer ( Ayon S-10 II) is better than the Sonic build?

8K vs $250.

I connect the Sonic Build to a Yamaha AV Pre-Amp CX A5100.

  1. Would a music streamer work with the Yamaha or duplicate some of the Pre-amp functions?
  2. Audio/sound wise is a music streamer much different than my set up of the Sonic Build?

I am also looking for other music streamers for my system. I use my PC and enjoy the large dual screen and feed to my 2-channel stereo.

Thank You

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If you enjoying it imho, don’t mess with what works.