Wide touchscreen display for Roon/Pi

I’m looking to build an all-in-one streamer endpoint for Roon and would like to be able to use this touchscreen display (11.9" IPS Capacitive Touchscreen (320 x 1480)– The Pi Hut). I run a number of headless endpoints based on pi/Ropieee/DietPi but it isn’t obvious whether there is an API that would let me create/modify a Roon UI to this display or if there’s anything existing I could yes. I note that the Ropieee documentation is quite explicit about only supporting the original Pi touchscreen.

Advice much appreciated.


ropiee only supports original res, I have tried :slight_smile:

Bear in mind of course that asides from a few basic controls ropiee does not do a lot on screen, i.e. you wont be searching for music etc.

You might consider Diet-Pi (then check, if you can manage to install required overlays for your display) with Roon bridge and Roon extension manager.
Once that’s running, install extension snapshots via extension manager, then add Web controller from there…
In addition to basic play controls, you can even access your library from web controller extension, only caveat is, that it’s not actively supported any more, so might stop working with Roon one day due to changes after an update…

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Good suggestion, thanks - I hadn’t fully explored the Dietpi options, so that at least gets me started!

Let’s know about your progress with photos, maybe?