Wiener Opernfest 1955 - a collection

Well this shows my nerdy obsession with great performances. The vienna statesopera reopened in 1955 after having been rebuilt after the war. They put on an incredible tour de force, with 7 new productions of pretty massive operas. Starting off with Fidelio and every other day a new opening night. It must have been an incredible workload for those involved. In these performances we have the Alltime greats of that era, most were even part of the vienna ensemble.
I finally got recordings of all these performances together, not that easy, since quite a few are out of print and the other versions of those performances on streaming services often have mediocre sound. So that is a definitve reason for having a private collection and not only relying on streaming. The Tags function of Roon comes in very handy.

Well here the are - the Wiener Opernfest 1955


Beethoven - Fidelio - Mödl, Dermota, Schöffler - Böhm
Mozart - Don Giovanni - London, Della Casa, Dermota - Böhm
Strauss - Frau ohne Schatten - Rysanek, Goltz, Hopf - Böhm
Verdi - Aida - Rysanek, Hopf, London - Kubelik
Wagner - Meistersinger von Nürnberg - Schöffler, Seefried, Beirer - Reiner
Strauss - Rosenkavalier - Reining, Jurinac, Böhme - Knappertsbusch
Berg - Wozzeck - Berry, Goltz, Lorenz - Böhm