WIFI Access Point

Looking for a WIfi access point.Looking at the Unifi AC Pro.Just looking for suggestions and opinions ?

I use eero mesh routers. I have a blended system with wired ethernet, wifi, and wifi access points. Works well. I also use eero plus which is a subscription based program that helps prevent you from entering sites which may cause your setup grief from viruses and malware.

I’ve recently switched to TP-Link EAP 225v3.

The AC Lite is a good option for home use, and I know a couple of people who use these and get rock solid performance. They really come into their own when grouped to provide whole house coverage, although I guess a single one might work fine in a smaller area.
I would consider using a switch that can provide PoE to simplify the cabling.

Personally I’d advise against (Edit) Nano HD due to its chipset. Consider only Qualcomm (both AC Pro and AC LR) or Broadcom chipset.

Also looking at Unifi Nano HD

The Asus RP-N12 works well as an access point. I have been using one recently in place of a power plug and it is solid. To prove it I have a switch off it with my core and streamer into that switch. It hasn’t missed a beat.

I use a single AC Pro to cover my entire house powered via PoE… works very well, so I recommend it and have installed UniFi kit at many family members houses and I manage the entire landscape for everyone. No problems for a couple of years :+1:

I have a couple of AC Pros (as wells as an outdoor AC Mesh Pro) which have worked flawlessly for me (set up in standalone mode), aside from a bug which was introduced in a firmware update and has since been addressed.

I am looking to aquire the Unifi AC lite but I have a couple of questions…

Do you need some kind of controller (dream machine or app) to manage it???

If I have two music set ups on two different wifis, can they be “zoned” together in Roon (assuming the wifi signal is strong)???

No, you can set it up in standalone mode with the smartphone app, although the controller gives access to a lot more functionality.

Do you mean two different access points or two different subnets/networks? If everything is correctly configured, you can have as many APs as you like and music connected to each of them provided they are on the same subnet as each other and the Roon Core.

Thanks for the help! This makes sence. I meant two different AP.

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