WIFI command from a Apple to a NUC running ROCK

Hi to All the Roon Community !
I subscrided a 14 days free trial period. And could use a NUC model recommanded running with ROCK, within an external HDD for my music library.

Almost everything’s fine. But, if I could use Roon with an Apple tablet, it doesn’t work anymore when I disconnect the LAN cable from the NUC. Altough I did put-on the wireless capability into the preferences.

Is there a problem or did I mistake about the use and have to use the LAN cable connect to the NUC anyway ?

Thanks for the support.


Hi, @Fabrice_DEANGELI, thanks for the report, could you please share your network setting on NUC (a screenshot)?



Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m actually on night-shift, but will send you a screenshot ASAP !

Thanks !