Wifi name and Roon

Hi, probably a simple question to the more technical.

I have a bit of an wifi signal issue, which for now I have “solved” by having the modem/router from my ISP broadcasting a signal for the living areas and for the sleeping area I am using my older router.

Since there are basically two wifi networks now that means I always have to switch the ipad to the wifi network on which it originally was set up.

Since I primarily use the wifi network in my Livingroom for roon, I would like to switch roon to that wifi signal. Is this possible? If so where to start?

Or even better. Is there an option to merge these two networks or would I need to invest into a new router, maybe mesh?

Perhaps you can change your older router to an access point for your living room system. I dare not offer any further advice, but I believe such is possible in the right circumstances

If not, you might consider a new extender device that can be configured as an access point.

Then, your idea of a consolidated network can be possible. Not a task for the faint-hearted or impatient, though.

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This is the way to go and there are many YouTube vids on how to do this. Fairly simple, but you’ll need an Ethernet connection as it won’t work with WiFi. You can, however, use the access point to broadcast to WiFi devices.

Here’s an article -

Repeaters do work with WiFi, but are more problematic and will decrease your bandwidth.

More complicated is bridging two networks.

IMHO, this is a kludgy thing to do. Roon itself doesn’t care about WiFI. The endpoint that is connected to Roon is what is getting the WiFi signal. Depending on what software you installed the Roon Bridge on, you should be able to point to a different SSID, but it will be isolated from everything else.

Hmmm…tried the access point option. Followed a faq from TP link. At first it seemed to work, but I noticed that I could not access the other router anymore. Even the wifi signal was not there anymore. After a slightly frantic moments, I was able to reset everything and now I am back at square one.

All endpoints (in this case a Bluesound Node) are hardwired thru switches. It is only the ipad as remote that insists on the SSID from the old router. As soon as I switch to the SSID of the router in the livingroom the ipad cannot find the core. So I end up switching to the “old” SSID in order to be able to use roon.

On the face of it. it sounds like you specified two different SSIDs.

I’ve used an access point without any problems, WiFi or otherwise, but if your solution works for you then it doesn’t matter.


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Ha, did not know I could name both SSID’s equal. Thought it was mandatory to have different SSID’s per router. I changed all SSID’s to be equal now. It looks like the ipad chooses the one with the best signal, or at least that is what I think it does. No way of knowing which signal (which router) it is picking up now with the SSID’s being equal. But roon works. Thanks.

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Glad we solved one.:laughing:

This doesn’t really matter until a router fails etc., it’s all the same network.

It’s been awhile since I used an access point, but as I remember I used upper case for one SSID and lower case for the other. The network interprets these as the same, but you can see the difference in any display.

I may be mis-remembering, but give it a try.