WiFi - Refuses to Connect

@spockfish I’m hoping you can take a look at an ongoing Wifi connection problem I’m having.

My 3B+ Pi refuses to connect to my Cisco WAP371 and therefore it’s not assigned an IP and (of course) nothing works there. I’ve tried both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, various channel combinations on the AP, etc. Strange thing is, it worked flawlessly a few weeks ago (before release 290?). I also retried from a fresh install, reconfigured the Wifi interface through Ropieee’s web page - still no joy.

No issues when it’s wired. Thanks for your excellent work Harry, much appreciated!

ID: ed06dea8ecf2f849

Hi @Gary_Switzer,

It says there’s an authentication problem.

I’ll contact you with a DM.