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I’m running a Roon Nucleus through a QNAP NAS into a set of Bel Canto streamers. My primary speakers are hard-wired into the system, but in three secondary rooms I’m using three of Wifi based RAAT compatible Bluesound Pulse Flex 2I speakers.

Recently I started getting “An audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware issue” messages and was unable to play music consistently or at all. In doing my diagnostics, I rebooted the three Wifi speakers and the system recovered its equilibrium. A few hours later the problem reappeared. As soon as I disable the speakers the problem disappeared. These speakers were working perfectly for several weeks upon installation, but now this. Any ideas?

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It usually means your internal network isn’t working well enough to stream the data.

Hi @michael_maharam,

If you temporarily try to connect the Flex speakers via Ethernet, does the same issue occur?
Are you playing to these as a group or individually? Does the same issue occur if you try playing to them separately?

Thank you.

Will go step by step…thank you.

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I did a step-by-step diagnostic this morning and playing the speakers individually or grouped in Roon has the same effect. When the wifi zones are ungrouped all is well with the wired zones, and when added to the group, the system poops out. I cannt easil hardwire the wifi speakers, and since this option doesn’t exist in my home, it’s a moot issue. I came across this: Bluesound wireless seems to be the problem

It seems to be an inherent issue unfortunately, though I am still perplexed by the fact that I had several weeks of perfect performance with no system modifications (unless there was an automated firmware update I’m unaware of which made a mess). Thanks for any observations.

Hi @michael_maharam,

Thanks for testing the WiFi and Wired zones further.
Since just the WiFi zones are impacted by this issue, it could be due to network interference.
What is your network setup like? Can you list the model/manufacturer of your networking gear?
Have you tried changing your WiFi channels in case the current ones are over-congested?

Best that I let my IT chime in. He’s here in the next day or two. I do have slow loading of Tidal and Quobuz and I tend to turn these off when service is subpar. We’re in a small town in the Italian Alps with satellite internet but on the cusp of fiber optic activation, but this shouldn’t impact the internal capacity. Will revert with more detail. I appreciate the help.

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Found a solution thanks to my smart IT guy. He figured out that the standard 5.0 ghz was the problem and set up a parallel 2.4ghz WLAN to which I registered the RAAT Bluesound speakers. Problem solved…for now. Thank you all.

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Hi @michael_maharam,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear that you managed to resolve the issue with the help from your IT guy! If you run into any further difficulties, just let us know!

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