WiiM Audio Alexa integration

Alexa integration was one of my big asks for Roon and now WiiM provides it if you say “Alexa play music on stereo(which is my renamed Wiim device in Alexa).

But when I say “Alexa play Apple Music on stereo”. Alexa responds- Apple Music is not supported on this device”

Does this work for anyone?

No, it’s not supported as per the error you’re getting, which isn’t unusual for non-echo third party devices despite WiiM Alexa support having been developed using the Alexa MRM stack.

Thanks, I am also unable to combine Wiim with other echo devices to create multi room music as Wiim’s app implies it can.

Maybe a bit off topic for a Roon forum and better asked perhaps in the WiiM Community forum, but I can happily group any of my WiiM devices with echos in an Alexa MRM group.

Are they all on the same network SSID and do you get an error when trying to “combine speakers” in the Alexa app? Sometimes rebooting the recalcitrant device(s) and/or your router can help.

No errors when creating the speaker group and I’ve rebooted the lot.

Oddly I just tried again this afternoon and it’s working. Well wonderful, just wish I could ask Alexa to play Apple Music instead of using Amazon Music. Wiim just made Roon non-obsolete to me. Read this Roon :roll_eyes:

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