Wiim Mini streamer

Doesnt mention anything about CC being 192/24 at all thats just the device can receive up to that. Means nothing without proper context and CC only supports upto 96/24 period. Unless they use the proper CC highres flag Roon will only send 48/24 regardless, My Atom is CC 96/24 capable but Roon send 48/24 max to it.

Their forum notes. It will be interesting to see what this brings to the party.

Updates to be released by 12 / 31 / 2022
New Feature:

  • Roon Ready

How is sound quality? Thìnkin of picking one up for the kitchen

2023 now

Update: We’re planning to be Roon Ready by early Q1 2023.

The initial integration of Roon has been done and we plan to support “Roon Ready” late Jan 2023.

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With the Pro supporting Airplay and Chromecast, it’s just another additional option, which is great.

Not available on Amazon in the UK yet as was thinking about getting one to replace a Toslink connected Chromecast that struggle’s to get 24/92 without the odd stutter, I don’t need it but I should be able to get it :grin:.

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I’ve ordered a Wiim Mini. It should arrive tomorrow. Can’t way to try it out. It will add Bluetooth and Airplay to my living room’s Harman Kardon hifi.

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It’s great to see a successor to the much missed CCA.
And this looks like it should handily surpass the CCA functionality if they pull it all off as stated.
Keeping an eye on this one.


Admittedly I bought 3 CCA devices for £15 each so they were an absolute bargain.
The WIIM Mini is good value for the current market, but misses some of the features of the Pro (like Chromecast), which is why I am waiting for the Pro.


Wiim products are excellent and the development team is outstanding. Regular firmware updates and improvements. This is a company that’s putting themselves on the map by doing great things.

It’s great this small company actually delivers on what it promises,good app,chromecast ect working out the box,looking at you ifi,this is How’s it done

Maybe you spoke too soon there…

They’ve said they’re not bringing Roon Ready to the mini. In a later post they explain the reason (the Pro has enough horsepower, the mini doesn’t).


Just saw it myself and came over to the forum to se what others think. This is disappointing. The Wii Mini roadmap had been saying mid to later 12/2022 to have Roon Ready. Then it changed to 1/15/2023 and now Roon Ready is removed silently. You only see that mentioned in a separate post from 1/13. I can no longer build a Raspberry Pi endpoint with a nice case for a good price as before. Cheap endpoints are hard to fine. The one major factor that push me to buy the Mini back in 11/22 was Roon Readiness. Good that Amazon has until 1/31 to return it. I am watching to see if Roon Readiness will be on the roadmap again soon. Else I will return the Mini.

Unless they do a firmware update to run Roon only I can’t see that happening as it just doesn’t have the ram to do it.

From what we know right now, Roon Ready for the WiiM Pro only (not the Mini anymore due to memory requirements of Roon Ready). Roon Ready release date for Pro is by end of February (maybe sooner) - but this could obviously change again.

It’s disappointing but it did seem strange to me that only the Pro could run Chromecast but that the mini could handle Roon.

I bought the mini knowing that Roon Ready was on the roadmap but also knowing I could return it if that didn’t materialise in time.

I think WiiM is still an interesting platform to watch, they’ve messed this up slightly but they’ve been very open on their forum, they seem to be responsive to feedback and I really wouldn’t rule out buying a Pro some time in the future… I’m sure it’ll be on sale before too long in Amazon.

I hope they can figure out a way to make the mini Roon Ready as there are discussions about various options of maybe doing this. It’s a nice size for certain rooms compared to the Pro version. I certainly don’t mind the price of the Pro in order to get a Roon Ready endpoint (so much cheaper than a Node and other options), but more concerned about grouping Pro with Minis for Roon multi-room audio playing (if that will be at all possible). The Pro’s size won’t work as conveniently in all rooms for some folks.

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Well this is disappointing for sure I too bought mine some time ago based on Roon ready coming too…but unlike some I can’t return mine :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I wouldn’t say no to a roon only option to tho

Let WiiM support know you want a Roon option for the mini. As others have noted, they have indicated that there may be a way to turn off other services via the app to free space for Roon. I bet they have other ideas too, but they need to hear from us.

I’m writing today.

I heard back from support today. They do plan a split firmware and will support Roon on the mini. Very good news. No timeline given.


I too, along with some others, posted in the forum for having a dedicated RoonReady firmware for the Mini…lets hope these guys had done the bulk of the coding anyway and it can be ported out a Roon Only build fairly quickly.