Wiim Pro not playing at 24/192

After having issues with my RPi4/Digione/Ropieee endpoint I bought a Wiim Pro. In essence it wouldn’t play 24/196 despite trying various coax and optical cables. When I set the box to use 24/192 the DAC just jittered. 24/96 is OK.

Ironically this caused me to reburn a new copy of Ropieee on my RPi and it’s working great at 24/192. (Thanks Harry). Some may say don’t bother with that resolution but some of my most favoutite recordings use it and they cost alot.

So the point of this post is: does anyone else have this issue with the Wiim Pro?

Others on their forum have had. Likely a faulty unit or your dac is having a hard time dealing with its jitter. I would reach out to their support via the app and get a replacement or it repaired.

thanks CG. Unfortunatly I live in the Philippines but bought it on Amazon US - none were available here. So a return would be uneconomic. My DAC is very good and plays 24/192 without issue using Ropeiii.

I waiting to see if anyone else here has had an issue because everyone on the Wiim site says it plays 24/192.

As you say, probably the unit.

You using it over wireless or wired? Also try it via the internal dac to see if it plays then. Will rule out if it’s network related or not. If it does then it points to either a bad spdif board, dodgy cables do try a different one if you have the option or your dac is having a hard time locking to it. The wiims spdif is not immune to jitter and some DACs might not lock at the higher frequencies. Others have had similar issues on their forum with certain DACs.

Thanks again. I’m wired throughout, my DAC is a Denafripps Ares II and works with my RPi 4b and Digione hat. I’ve treid several cables, both coax and optical; they all work on the RPi, none on the Wiim Pro.

So I gues it’s fair to conclude the unit is damaged in some way. I’ve contacted the company regarding a return, I yet to get a responce, but as I’m in the Philippines and bought it through Amazon US, I don’t hold out much hope.

I’ll put it down to experience - perhaps it’s karma for ditching Ropieee, LOL.

You have set the output of the device in its settings in the Wiim app to max output? Also you are definitely using its Roon Ready input and not Chromecast as that would be limited to 96/24. Have you tried the Wiim app at all to see if this changes anything ?

Yes, yes and yes

Out of ideas then. Hope you get Wiim to sort it out for you.

I’ve had a response from Wiim. They say my DAC, Denafripps Ares II, can’t support 24/196, only 24/96.

Sal la vie.

Many thanks for your help Gipsy.

Just looked at the manual and the Ares II does not do 24/196. It does do 24/192. You might try downsampling in Roon.

It was a typo, LOL.