Wilco Schmilco 'unavailable' on Roon. Available everywhere else

This may be a TIDAL issue, rather than Roon. Wilco’s new album was released today. I can stream it using Apple Music. It’s available to stream from TIDAL, using the Mac OS Tidal app. However, when I access it from within Roon, every track reads as ‘unavailable’. This seems odd as it will play fine directly from TIDAL. Is there a workaround, or do I just need to sit tight and wait for it to become ‘available’?

Weird, I’m not seeing it on services in the US (although I am seeing the singles, which have confusingly-similar cover art), and the release date is supposed to be tomorrow, from what I can tell.

What country are you in?

New Zealand, so it’s the morning of the 9th today.

Not to worry, I downloaded a FLAC file from Wilco’s online shop, which works fine. Odd about Roon/TIDAL, though. I see the same thing is happening with the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album today.

In the actual Tidal app new releases have been showing up before their release date, but are marked as unavailable in parenthesis next to each track title. Roon doesn’t seem to pull this flag in. Not sure why tidal has been posting albums before release in this manner.

Thanks for the report @Simon_Bennett – I’ve opened a ticket to look into what’s going on here. There may be an issue with how we’re handling the streaming “release dates”, or the dates we’re getting may be wrong.

Some of this is tricky to investigate but the ticket will be looked at, and we’ll follow up once that happens. Feel free to check out another few new releases next thursday and let us know if this is consistently off, or if the Wilco (and the Nick Cave) seem to be unique cases.