Wild boars have stolen Shakira's purse

BBC News - Shakira: Singer attacked by a pair of wild boars

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What is it exactly that you find hilarious?


Oh come on really you can’t see it.

Did you read the linked story? It is quite funny in places. Maybe it is the British sense of humour that doesn’t quite translate.

Well this part especially


Personally the bit about it stealing her bag, just made me laugh out loud. Pig bandits. It reads like a April Fool or something from The Day Today with Chris Morris.

Reminds me of this one

And Rome is suffering too

Maybe he just didn’t like his partner??

There is a joke in here about pig on pig action but I can’t quite find it

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Try this one, made me think of that Mad Max movie where something similar happened!


The funniest ones for me are when the police have to deal with an escaped goose. Those things are elusive and evil. It’s like the keystone cops.

I’ve updated the topic with the spoiler… it’s left as an exercise to the reader on what emotion to feel :joy:


Here in Portugal, you can meet some very surprising tourists while chilling on the beach! Not Roon related but still worth seeing…


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This is clearly a job for Asterix and Obelix



I’ve had encounters with some nasty boars in Barcelona. They’re not particularly amusing. I’ll take the nasty bores here over those any time :slight_smile: