Will 2020 be the year that Roon goes BIG on metadata?

Over the past few years the Roon development team has brought their AI technology to Roon Radio and has introduced some great new features into Roon, like Live Radio. Now will 2020 by the year that Roon development brings AI to metadata?

As I like to say (that is, at least to myself) the metadata is out there, now if only Roon could find it and find a way to incorporate the metadata into the Roon user’s database.

Here are a few examples of what I mean by the metadata is out there.

  1. Bandcamp and other record label sites - there is often very good metadata available on these sites, why not get that data into Roon?

  2. File tags - many users carefully tag their files with lots of information, why not get this information into Roon?

Stop paying for bad metadata. Many of the metadata sources that Roon currently uses are no longer providing worthwhile metadata on many newer releases. Perhaps the Roon team can look into ways to improve this situation and shaking the money tree is a good way as any to go about this.

I really like using Roon and think that it is a great piece of software and hope that the above is not seen as criticism but rather as some suggestions on how to keep on improving Roon. Thanks!


What I am hoping for, and crossing my fingers is using shnid to help populate metadata on live Grateful Dead

Deadbase has all the metadata one needs for almost any Grateful Dead recording. Now if only Roon could find a way to parse out all that information.

As I stated the metadata is out there - Live Archive, Deadbase, db.etree.org, etc. - Roon just needs to find a way to access the data and incorporate the data into the Roon user’s database. Sounds easy but I’m quite sure it’s not all that simple :grin:

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