Will a Intel NUC 10th Gen i7 10710U connect with a Oppo UDP-205 USB type B DAC?

Hi guys,

I’m currently running my Windows 10 MSI laptop with RoonServer on it and connect my Oppo UDP-205 USB type B DAC to it, works flawless and up sample to 768.

If I buy a Intel NUC 10th Gen i7 10710U Frost Canyon… and put ROCK on it will it connect OK still to my Oppo UDP-205 USB DAC?

I’m asking because with Windows 10 I have to install the USB DAC drivers from the Oppo on the laptop.

It probably will, but you can choose to use RoPieee with USB to connect to the DAC.
This way you can be independent of your windows machine and save you the hassle of buying and installing software on a NUC.
My Hegel H390 is connected via USB to an RPi2 with RoPieee, working flawless.

I have to note that i have no experience with up sampling and such, i do not bother.

I believe @Mike_LC and @Jim_F connect their NUC and Nucleus to an Oppo 205 via USB. If that’s the case, your NUC10 should work fine.

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I have 3 zone connections from my NUC/Rock to an OPPO 205. USB is good, no drivers needed. HDMI for multi-channel files, and Roon Ready Ethernet.

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Thanks Mike that’s just what i needed to know, i didn’t want to go to the expense of buying one if it won’t work with the oppo USB dac… Cheers.! :wink: