Will a NUC8I5BEH be OK for up sampling?

Hi guys I’ve been contemplating getting a NUC10I7FNH for roon rock but I’ve come accross a NUC8I5BEH would a i5 processor be powerful enough to up sample to 768khz on my oppo udp-205 usb dac.?
I don’t have a big library and don’t tend to use parametric equalisation either… I’ve been useing a old msi i7 laptop ?

It should. You don’t have the overhead of a Desktop OS with screen drivers & other peripherals. The Sigma Delta convertor for DSD processing is the convertor that normally needed the most resources.

A higher core count i7 may help with overall library management. But that higher core count makes little, if any difference for DSP. What matters most to upsampling is individual core base clock speed. The higher, the better.

I have both a NUC8i3 and a NUC8i7. And from my experience, the i3 actually may provide faster processing speed when upsampling because of its faster 3.0 GHz base clock speed.


yes that nu8i5 is more than powerful enough to upsample to 768khz.


OK thanks guys just got one ordered with 8 gb ram and 250 gb ssd nvme, will either be useing my nas or a 2tb external USB drive with the music on!

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The usb drive is our recommended solution. Far less trouble.

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Is NUC8i5BEH ROCK powerful enough to upsample to DSD256 with one core @danny?

yes it is.

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It even works with upsampling to 512 and a lot of EQ.
Have used it for over two years with now issues at all.