Will a ROCK help with Roon finding new music faster?

I’ve got core now running on brand new iMac. 3.0 ghz with 40gb ram. Music stored on a Synology D218 +, connected via WiFi. When I add new music, it takes sometimes hours to show up. Search and browse is fine.

Plex finds it almost at once. If I build a rock and connect via router Ethernet, will new music show up faster?

As always, thanks.

The issue is most likely having the music on the Synology. Try moving the music local to the iMac and just use the Synology for backup. I would suggest a good external USB hard drive formatted as exFAT. That way, if in the future you do build a NUC, you can just move the drive over.

Wish I could. I have much more music on the Synology than can fit on Mac. I do have external but it spins. Plus, I use plex for remote and need to have Synology always running.

So, looking for solution that lets me keep NAS.

This is a problem … the connection between NAS and Core needs to be a wired network … but the issue with timely updates is likely because you use a NAS: see the KB article on storage.

Disadvantages of network storage include:

  • Susceptibility to networking issues
  • Most NAS devices do a poor job reporting changes to Roon, which may necessitate more frequent rescans in order to detect newly added content
  • Some NAS models exhibit poor performance when compared to USB or internal drives, particularly WD MyCloud and Drobo products.

It may not matter enough for you to make a difference, but you can change the default automatic scan interval. The default is 4 hours, and that can be set as low as 1 hour.
The setting is under the Edit function for that particular Storage location (click the three dots).

Thanks folks. I’m going to try using an external USB C drive and see if that helps


Wow. New music shows instantaneously. So question. Do I now even need a ROCK if Roon running well on iMac and I can keep it awake? Any advantages? Plan to buy a Primare NP5 as endpoint and Roon/Plex streamer.

Btw the iMac is connected via WiFi fwiw…hardwired to an Orbi satellite. Should this matter?

If the iMac works for you, then you don’t need a ROCK. But there are two/three primary advantages.
First, ROCK is ultra-low maintenance. Updates happen out of sight and are usually really quick.
Second, there will likely be times where Roon needs to do some intensive work (database updates, etc) that could conflict with what you are doing on the iMac. But you’re the best judge of whether that’s going to be a problem.
Third, there could be some sound quality advantages with the ROCK. They’d probably be fairly subtle. But one audiophiles ‘subtle’ is another’s ‘life-changing’.
If you aren’t in a rush, why not see how the iMac works and go from there? If it works great, then these are moot points.

Just to be clear, the iMac is wired to the router? Having it work wireless is more of an issue than all three of the other points combined. Roon needs it’s data. It’s network intensive and gets testy if it can’t get what it wants. You can give it a try, but its really not advised.

Thanks for the advice. The answer is : sorta. The Mac is hard wired to an Orbi satellite. So, far, it seems to be working really well (once I changed from my NAS to an external USB HDD).

Which is why I’m wondering if a ROCK would be better. But for now, let’s see

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Question. If I hard wire a ROCK NUC to my router and my NAS is also similarly wired to the router, will the speed be slow? Now, using external hdd connected to Mac and works great. Or should I connect hdd to nuc? If I do will I be able to find it in my network for dbpoweramp?


I don’t see the option, within Edit of the Storage location, to change the scan interval. I have a single CIFS share…? Perhaps the interval isn’t changeable on CIFS/SMB shares?

It may be because Roon doesn’t recognize it as a NAS? That option doesn’t exist, for example, with the ROCK internal drive. But it IS there for my Synology.
Sorry I don’t know any implications about CIFS/SMB.

I ordered components to build ROCK, and I’m really excited to build it. I’ll likely just take the 4TB external HDD, disconnect it from iMac and pop it onto the ROCK. That should be plenty fast. Final puzzle piece will be Primare np5 endpoint. It ships with chrome cast built in—so I can use it for Roon and Plex, running on NAS—and will then be updated when certified for Roon. Then I can connect it to my Yamaha receiver via coax and use its ESS Sabre DAC. Then Plex for off site and Roon for home use. I synchronize both NAS and external hdd using synkron. Looking for more up to date Mac equivalent if anyone has ideas.

Make sense?