Will a usb wi-fi adapter work with the nucleus?

Hi, I just got my Nucleus, and even though I’m a little weak on networks and network devices, I was able to set it up and update firmware out of the box, install an SSD, format the SSD, and begin transferring music to the SSD and play music! Sweet.

A question. Ethernet is the only way to get it on the network - could a USB Wi-Fi adapter be configured to work on one of the Nucleus’ USB ports?


Doubt it but lets ask @support

Even if they baked in the necessaey kernel support, you would have no means to select your wifi and enter your credentials.

Note that the general recommendation is to use wired ethernet for the Roon Core.

One of the pluses of the Roon architecture is you can place the Nucleus close to your router and connect it via Ethernet. It doesn’t need to be in your listening area, only your endpoint does. (I am assuming, of course, that you are not intending to use your Nucleus as both core and endpoint.)

Aha! Thanks for the reply!

Actually, in my case for the time being, I’m using the Nucleus as both core and endpoint in my main system. I’m also streaming to various connected airplay devices as well. Thanks!