Will a WD My Book Duo work with ROCK (NUC)

I am thinking about buying a WD Mybook Duo for the storage and using the second drive to backup the first drive. There have been a few posts about this subject but not completely clear if it would work. i apologize if I have missed the information. Thanks

There simply is no second drive to use for you independently. You can reconfigure the device for RAID-1 (mirroring), loosing half the capacity you paid for, for a higher reliability in case a drive fails. This configuration is not a backup though. It does not protect you from data loss for most of the cases a real backup would.

Depending on your capacity needs, you’re better served buying two individual drives. For data safety anyway and it may even be cheaper also. Example:

  • WD My Book Duo 16TB 659,99 € Actual Price 499,99 €
  • WD My Book 8TB 230,99 € Actual Price 192,99 € x 2 = 385.98 €

Thank you for the information. I will do some more thinking about this.