Will adding Qobuz give me more editorial content in Roon?

I am currently a TIDAL user.

I have noticed at least some of the editorial/information about artists and albums in Roon seems to be taken directly from TIDAL, as it appears to be the same.

That would make sense to me, because if I subscribe to TIDAL and they offer background info on artists, albums etc, it would seem silly were that not available to me within my Roon subscription too.

(As a new user I am still not certain exactly how good Roon’s editorial/written background material on artists is, where it comes from, and how much is scraped from the subscribed services.)

So to my question: If I were to subscribe to Qobuz too, would any editorial/written info/CD “booklets” etc from their service be “fed into” my Roon experience? The reason I ask is that if so, subscribing to Qobuz as well would be attractive to me, because a main reason I am using Roon is to get a more immersive “crate digging” experience, with stuff to read and look at as well as listen to.

Or, would subscribing to Qobuz as well as TIDAL make no difference to the quantity/quality of written material presented in the Roon app?

If you are subscribed to both services, how does Roon choose what to show you?

I am pretty sure this will have been written about somewhere on here, but I can’t find it, so I’m asking in the hope that someone can answer me, or point me in the right direction.


No is the short answer.
Tidal and Roon source their metadata from some of the same agencies. The metadata stays the same whether you only have local files or if you have one or both streaming services.

Thanks Ged. That make sense.

Well, a minority of Qobuz’s content owners do allow for booklet-PDF’s to be linked in Roon - something I really like a lot…


A significant proportion of recent Classical albums have the CD booklets attached in Qobuz, but not Tidal. Some labels, like Chandos, Alpha and Naxos, seem to be more available than others