Will after loading RoPieeee with Raspian no longer be on the Pi?

Seeing as you need a clean SSD card to download the software onto does this mean that the Raspian software will no longer be on the pi? Does it become a dedicated Roon end point?

Ropieee is an alternative to Raspbian specifically designed as an easy to use Roon end point. You install Ropieee on an SD card not SSD. It doesn’t need to be new; the Ropieee image can replace an existing Raspbian image.

Thanks Martin, I guess you lose all the functionality that Raspian gives

Depends what you need. What do you use Raspbian for? Ropieee does one job very well. However, it may be that Ropieee XL offers some additional features you want.

Thanks - decided to install the RoPieee software. It won’t finish installing though

Roon correctly identifies the software but no sound is playing when selected - also GUI will not open

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So do you have more info?

Do you use a HAT or a USB DAC?
And what do you mean with “also GUI will not open”?


Hi Spockfish

I have installed a Justboom Pi HAT onto a Pi 3. I then downloaded the RoPieee software and could not open the user interface (called GUI in the guidance notes - I don’t know what the G stands for)

So I downloaded the software again and now can access the user Interface, changed the settings to the correct HAT, disabled the USB setting, but all the other controls in that tab are disabled.

RoPiee will not save my Wi-fi settings

Roon recognises the Ropiee device in audio settings, it can be selected to play but no sound comes via the Jack plug or RCA outputs. I am beginning to wonder if I have a faulty Dac card

Does RoPieee work with no DAC fitted, if so I could establish that it is the card

I used to use Roonbridge on the same pi, but imagine that a Dac card would improve sound quality. Other than potential sound quality improvements is there any difference between RoPiee and Bridge?



I would suggest looking for issues one at the time. So first let’s try to get sound with cable connected before you jump on the wifi train.

So to be clear: RoPieee runs RoonBridge. RoPieee requires either a USB DAC or a HAT: the on board audio card is disabled.

What kind of JustBoom HAT do you have exactly?



It’s a Justboom Dac HAT