Will any DAC play music? [Answered]

I’ve searched a lot but couldn’t find an answer to my question so i’m posting it here.
From what i understood, the roonbridge runs on the end device, in my case a computer running win10.
the roon bridge talks to the wondows OS, and the OS speaks with the DAC . so, if the windows OS can talk to the DAC you can hear music in the DAC. so, why do you need a “roon tested” DAC ? Isn’t it enough that the computer will recognise the DAC ? I’m aware that maybe the “signal path” of roon could not be analysed, and roon will not be able to do some DSP things, ot change bitrate , etc. But if i just want to get basic sound is it enough to attach any DAC that is recogniseable by the computer and it will be enough ? no need for “roon tested” DAC for basic sound output ?
thank you very much

You are correct, with Windows 10 the most important factor is the correct Windows drivers. The relationship between DAC and Windows is most important. However Roon is a multi platform system that works on Mac, Linux and even has its own OS called ROCK. A Roon tested item will work and be recognised on all of these platforms too.

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Hi Henry,
Thank you for your answer

The question has been answered but this page is very informative on how Roon can be used in different set ups:

Look at the last diagram, ‘Multi-Room Music’.


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