Will Apple offer a cd 16/44 streaming subscription?

Now that Apple sales on the iphone are deteriorating, they are shifting their efforts heavily into services. Many high level executives are getting moved around or leaving due to this change .

So now would be the perfect time for them to add a cd quality sub . If it doesn’t happen now , i doubt it will ever happen.

If Apple did offer a cd sub , you better believe Spotify would as well.

Let me know what you think.

I personally don’t think there is enough demand.

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Sadly, I think you are right.

I’d love to see DRM free lossless purchases through iTunes. They have some stuff I can’t find anywhere else. Of course I’m scared of the price already.

Can Apple acquire Tidal or Qobuz?

Why? Apple already has the hi-res content on their servers.

If Apple or Spotify did it would be a bad day for competition and consumer choice.

It is not about the hires content, it is about the customer base.

I think Apple was in discussions to buy Tidal a few years ago. Obviously nothing happened.

At least that was the rumor.

If they had a customer base that was even minutely significant.

Why is it insignificant?

I believe Tidal and Qobuz contribute 2% of that 14% or at least I’ve seen that reported elsewhere.

Interesting! however, I think capturing the customer base is about the future vision, not about making a profit right now.

At what price for 1-2 million subscribers that might or might not stay? That’s where I was going.

Apple has no interest in offering music in CD quality or higher, because Apple sells AirPod earphones that can not technically restore this quality of music !

Apple has shown contempt for a long time for high quality music in all its products, including the removal of the earphone plug in the iPhone and the implementation of lower spec Bluetooth protocols. The mastered for iTunes is a joke. Their downloading prices for lossy format music is often the same as, or more than for the same music in lossless quality from other sites. Given the Apple’s resources, they should have been the leaders in this field. Audiophiles should boycott Apple!

Yes, we should. I do not like iTunes and have not used it for ages.

And to think Steve Jobs was an audiophile .

I recall Jobs once said an interview that he had a very expensive HFI system and he did not want to reveal what it was!

It was asskicking from what I heard .

He must have known there wasn’t a big market for audiophile products