Will Devialet be Roon RAAT Certified? [Expert Pro done]

I agree, Devialet‘s way into Roon was a bit awkward. I wonder why they didn’t go the route of developing their own player app, like Auralic/Aurender, etc. They would‘ve become independent of Roon.

The streaming hardware in the earlier models was quite old and underpowered, and wasn’t able to run RAAT.

To keep their promises and be fair to loyal customers the right thing to have done would be update the streamer board on older models too, but sadly Devialet mandated a complete upgrade. Perhaps later they’ll offer something backwards compatible since it completely violates their promise of constant evolution and an end to obsolescence. This is planned (forced) obsolescence pure and simple.

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… for sure. That’s awful.

What is the usual process when someone enters certification process?

Devialet did just that. Its Spark and nobody likes it. Was supposed to work with Experts too, but now they have decided to ditch Spark and bring a new app that works with all their devices. During 2019 (or 2020…)

Not one knows:… it’s a dark art :wink:

Maybe Devialet should hire Bluesound to help them develop an app?

I thought Spark would be for their speakers only? At least on my iPad Spark tries to detect a Phantom. Anyway, Roon, and my seasoned Aurender covers me with reliable apps!

Good idea!!!

For the longest time Devialet thought that Air was the way to go with streaming.Since then they have implemented UPnP which does make them independent of Roon. But I’m glad they decided to partner up with Roon as well.

First gear needs to be sent in. Then we test the integration. This always fails. Then we iterate. Iteration can take a couple of weeks to a year+. Very few just get it right. Most take longer (which is why we even have the certification process).

During that time marketing assets are introduced.

Then we release.


Ok! As you were already working with Devialet on Roon Air implementation and there has already been some exchange going on, hopefully iteration shouldn’t be that extensive :wink:


Working for a software company, I’m personally not assuming anything in terms of timeline. Too many ins and outs.

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We have indeed just received a request for certification from Devialet and are now going through the specifics with them.

As stated before, this might go fast, it might go slow. Be patient … it will be great once it comes!


Please ask Devialet to make all of their speakers Roon RAAT Certified as well, not just their Encore Pro Series.

Thanks for the update… exciting times :slight_smile:

Will the frenchies offer Roon a 24/192 kbit/s PCM audio interface to the Phantoms or more, - or even DSD? As far as I know the optical in of the Phantom is capable of 24/192.

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Haha… what happened to the silence until released… :grinning:

I guess the intent was to not say more than Devialet does, as they are conducting agenda of this partnership. If Devialet is officially telling they are starting certification, it is ok to confirm !

Upgrading my d400 for a d440 this week, could be eventually the right timing after following-up that topic for 1+ year :slight_smile:

@danny Perhaps you can make a suggestion how much work they have to do? Does the request look promising for a quick release? Thanks for the informations!