Will I be able to access Roon on my NUC if my license expired?

Hi there,

Really pleased with Roon so far on my trial. Building a new 8th Gen NUC i3 this weekend with M2 SATA and 1TB SATA3 SSD.

I’m curious but if say it let my Roon membership lapse would I still be able to use Roon App still (on my Mac) and still play my music from the Roon core (NUC)?

I’m guessing I would not be able to update the Roon OS, but does ROCK in someway ‘talk’ to the Roon servers somewhere and brick me from playing my music?


Short answer, no.
However, Roon licenses are transferable (authorised/unauthorised) across different platforms at will, you just can’t use them simultaneously.

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Straight to the point, I like that. Cheers

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