Will I be getting the new RevB Nucleus?

I just ordered a Nucleus off the Roon website (which takes you to their Amazon page) on October 3. I haven’t received it yet, but just saw they updated it recently. How do I know if I’m getting the updated version with the 2 HDMI ports that is made in the USA with the eco friendly packaging. If I’m getting the old one, I’d rather just send it back and wait till the new one gets shipped (especially at that price).

If I ordered it off of Amazon through the Roon website, does that mean I’m getting the new updated Nucleus? Thanks.

Hi Michael,

I would probably have put your question under the support category but flagging @danny will hopefully get you the info you require direct from the horses mouth.

Yes, you will get the new one (RevB). We don’t have any RevA in stock, and haven’t for months.

Great. Thank you.

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