Will library items remain available when you switch from streaming service?

At this moment I have both Tidal and qobuz as streaming services. Most of my albums have the Tidal version as a primary version. What will happen when I end my Tidal subscription? Will all library items remain available in my library? Is Roon so smart to then replace the primary version with the qobuz version if that exists? I’m a bit reluctant to just try. Will I loose library items?

No it won’t switch.

There’s an app called Soundiiz that can transfer playlists and favorites from one service to another. I used it to switch from Tidal to Qobuz and it worked fairly well.

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I have not tried Soundiiz. I guess working out how that goes takes about the same time as what I did. Depending on the number of albums in your Tidal favorites of course. I had a nice sunday for walking through my library and correct all primary versions. For those who might land on this issue, this is what I learned.

You can disable one of your streaming services to see what it does with your Roon library. When I disabled Tidal I noticed that albums that had a Tidal primary version were still in the library but I could not select them anymore. They where not available. So you can not just click on the album and swap the primary version. When you enable Tidal again, all is fine again.
So what I did was setting up a view in Roon with all Tidal albums. Then went through every album and changed the primary version to qobuz. It then disappeared from the Tidal view so that was a good way of keeping track. It was fun to see all the albums again. And it was also very nice to see much more high res releases available in qobuz then in Tidal.
Then when your done you can disable the old service and end your subscription.


How many albums ?

It would take me weeks …

I believe it were about 300 albums. I prefer quality over quantity :grinning: